Rylie and Nick Take the Crown


Megan Thompson, Photography Editor

    Homecoming was a spectacular time for all the students that went. From the game to the parade to the dance, most people will certainly say they had a fun time. That goes especially for the King and Queen, Nick Mertens and Rylie Miller, who couldn’t be more happy that they’ve won.

    “It felt surreal and kind of surprising.” said Nick Mertens (19).

    “It was exciting to know that people like us” said Rylie Miller (19). Nick and Rylie have been dating for two years. They have also been nominated before in their Junior year.

    “It feels cool to have been voted two years in a row” said Rylie Miller (19). Being nominated two years in a row, Rylie and Nick have noticed they have some impact on the school.

    “I feel like I’m a slightly above average role model” said Nick (19). “We both feel like together with our powers combined we are good role models.” As Rylie and Nick get ready to finish their last year of high school, they’d like to thank everyone who voted for them.

    “Thank you for voting for us!” said Rylie Miller.

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