Teater Tops The Competition

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Teater Tops The Competition

Mic Beedy, Sports Writer

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Throughout three years of hard work in DECA, Jacob Teater (’19) was able to accomplish some hefty goals. On October 15, he was elected as the Missouri DECA District 6 Vice President for the 2018-2019 school year. This happened at the Fall Leadership and State Officer Election Conference in Lake Ozark Missouri. Out of over 600 high school students, Jacob was chosen as the one vice president.

“I am beyond excited to be serving as the Missouri DECA District 6 Vice President,” said Teater.

DECA is an internationally wide organization of students who study finance, marketing, hospitality, and management. There are 12 different districts of DECA in Missouri and almost 7,500 people. This just puts in perspective how huge this accomplishment is for Teater.

To get this position, Teater had to do a various amount of tasks.  He had to do a written test, screening and nominating committee interview, make a campaign video, and have delegates vote on him based off of the campaign video. Through it all though, Teater turned out victorious.

Teater’s leadership skills weren’t the only thing that helped him earn this title. He is enrolled in 2 Advanced Placement Classes and has a cumulative 4.0 GPA. He is the Holt president for DECA and the parliamentarian of Future Business Leaders of America. He is also a member of Student Council and is a four year varsity player for Holt soccer.

However, Teater is not done quite yet. He has big plans for the future and wants to pursue a degree in marketing education or human resources management.

“I’m looking forward to not only helping others, but honing my own leadership skills,” said Teater.

As Teater’s career in DECA is coming to a close, his other opportunities in life are opening. He will continue to strive for greatness in the future.