Pets Deserve a Good Christmas


Madeleine Spellmeyer, Writer

Christmas is always so much better when it involves some furry best friends. Dogs, cats, hamsters and just about every other animal deserves to have a good Christmas this year. Even animals that are stuck outside on the streets or trapped in shelters should also be given a great Christmas. Even bringing toys to the shelters or giving a stray dog or cat some food and toys will make their Christmas day feel so much brighter. There are so many ways to make animals happy, when animals are happy it can tend to make humans happy too.

Making homemade treats for a four-legged friend is a great idea to making a pet’s Christmas enjoyable! Just find a recipe online and have fun making homemade treats. Not only does this save money, but it also feels good to know that the treats are homemade. As for those cats out there, make sure the Christmas tree is cat friendly so that the cat is not climbing into it and getting hurt or knocking off ornaments. For both dogs and cats, it would make their day to buy them some fun toys. Buy the dog a bone and get the cat catnip or little mouse toys. On Christmas Eve, wrap up the dog’s or cat’s toys in wrapping paper and on Christmas day, let them rip it open! This would be fun to watch and it is fun for the animals to do!

Stray animals deserve to have a good Christmas too. To make Christmas a good day for strays, put a box with blankets outside so that animals have a warm spot to sleep. All there is to do is to get a large plastic box, cut a hole in the front and put blankets or towels in it. Stray animals would much rather have a warm, safe place to sleep than sleeping outside in the cold. Along with that warm box, put some food outside of the box so the animals have something to eat. Putting water out for them would be nice too. Making animals happy for Christmas could make anyone’s heart happy. Animals deserve to have just as good of a Christmas as people.