Holt’s Film Fest

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Holt’s Film Fest

Izzy Patton, Writer

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On April 2, 2019 in the C.H. Jones Auditorium Holt will be hosting the annually held Film Fest awards from the 2018-2019 Film Fest entries. The first awards category is Informational, there are five winners and seven finalist, one of which is a graduate from Holt named Maggie Poronto(18’). The second category is instructional which had five entries, and has three winners and two finalists. Music Videos is the third category and the second place winner was Lillian Bancroft(18’) who graduated from Holt as well. Kim Coulon(18’) and Grace Fugate(18’) were finalists in the next category PSA/Commercials. News Package, Sports, and Story are the last of the film category with no Holt entries. Cassidy Wood(19’) is a winner in the Animated Story section as well. For Committee’s Choice, a film from Liberty High School was chosen as the overall winner.

Film Fest rules include the following:

1) all 7-12 grade students must write and produce films by themselves,

2) no re-entry,

3) films exceeding seven minutes will be disqualified

4) copyright permission must be credited.

You will be able to submit your film with your wsdr4.org account as soon as the form is up for entry. Because there is no fee to enter, this is a really good chance for anyone interested to produce a film and see what people think, it could be a fun way of expressing your talents.

For more information, visit https://sites.google.com/wsdr4students.org/wentzvillefilmfestival