St. Louis City Museum Change in Owners

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     The city museum has been a well known tourist attraction in St. Louis, Missouri since 1997. Bob Cassilly is the man behind everyone’s smiles as we enjoy the altitude climbing, knowledge gaining and family fun time we have when we visit the St. Louis Museum.

     Approximately five years after Bob Cassilly founded the City Museum, it was then handed to American Milling, a grain-processing which is based in Cahokia, who’s president is David Jump. David Jump has owned The St. Louis City Museum since 2002 up until the late winter of 2018 for around a total of 16 years.

     The new owner of the museum to this day is Premier Parks LLC, an Oklahoma City limited liability company based in the United States. The company owns and operates several amusement parks and water parks across the country and in Canada. Rick Erwin, the museums director, explains a few struggles involved with marketing and control of the attraction, “He’s a grain guy. He doesn’t know marketing. He knows family fun and attractions – he’s a grandfather. But if the idea is to continue growing and keep growing, we need to make some changes.”

     Premier Parks LLC is now the owner of The St. Louis City Museum and will provide our country with another great family attraction.