Dungeons and Dragons

Mic Beedy, Sports Editor

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Clear your plans for after school on Wednesdays, there is a new club that was brought to Holt High School by Cale Barnes. On January 23, 2016, a new club called Dungeons and Dragons started. It’s something that Holt has not seen before.

This club is scheduled to meet every Wednesday in Spaugh’s room, room A205. The club is very welcoming to new members, and if students of Holt want something exciting to try, this is the club for them.

“We play Dungeons and Dragons like true nerds,” said Cale Barnes (‘21).

Dungeons and Dragons is a table-top game that typically uses pen and paper, but computers can be involved. The game is a game based on chance; you must roll the dice to complete certain tasks to win. The game is run by the “dungeon master”  and everyone else is a player.

This game is a game to help with communication skills and problem solving. Through it, students can meet new people and try new things. It is a good way to get involved in the school.

So, next Wednesday make sure to make time to try out the new club. You might just find a new hobby.