State Swimmers Sister

Noah Scheuremann, breaker of school records, has a sister that also goes to Holt and she shares her thoughts on him. Picture by writer.

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State Swimmers Sister

Cale Barnes, Writer

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Noah Scheuermann, practically every school swimming record. He won at state for the 200 yards freestyle. He’ll be leaving Holt after this year, but he isn’t the only Scheuermann at Holt. His sister, Hana Scheuermann, a junior next year, will be on his heels.

“I’m very proud of him, he’s worked very hard, I think he deserves all the recognition he’s gotten. I’m sad to see him go off to college next year,” Said Hana Scheuermann (‘21).

No matter how much Noah gets shown off, he stays down to earth. “Things haven’t really changed. He doesn’t gloat around the house at all, he’s very humble about it.”

Noah and all three of his siblings have been swimming since they were young. “Our dad swam growing up so he put all three of us into swimming together and we enjoyed it but as we grew up and found out what we liked, it wasn’t for us. I swam until I was around twelve.” Said Scheuermann.

Scheuermann said that she stopped because she realized that she was more of a creative person than an active one. She said that her family was very accepting of that, as it’s something they also realized. “One time I think I hid in the locker room for about an hour because I didn’t want to go out.” Scheuermann added with a laugh.

Hana Scheuermann may be out, but that doesn’t mean there’s no chance of another Scheuermann breaking some records. “My sister Halle is still swimming and she enjoys it so that’s good. She’s in eighth grade.” Said Scheuermann.