Deaths and Salsa Dancing


Ernesto Guzman

Columbian civilians stand off with Venezuelan forces at the border.

Mic Beedy, Sports Editor

Within the past 48 hours 285 people have been hospitalized and four people have died on the Columbia- Venezuela border. Disputes have been breaking out since friday, and tensions continue to grow on the border.

Sadly, this all boils down to corrupt leaders and citizens who need help. The president of Venezuela, Nicolas Maduro, has sent armed forces to block any aid into the country of Venezuela. He also tear gassed oppositions at the border. One of these countries was Columbia. Columbia and the United States are trying to help Venezuela with their extreme circumstance.

Venezuela is in a very dire situation right now. As of now, their inflation is at one million percent and it is expected to be at 10 million percent by the end of this year. To put this inflation into perspective- the US’s inflation is only at 2-3%. This is causing many Venezuelans to not be able to afford basic items such as food and medicine. So far, over three million Venezuelans have fled the country in search for a better life.

As of right now, Madro denies any form of problem in the country. He warns his citizens that foreign aid could be disguised as military threats, and that they should not take humanitarian aid from any country.

“I feel like they need aid from the other country, if I was in that position I would be upset with my leaders,” said David Tauser (20′).

During the standoff, Maduro did not help his citizens get aid, instead he danced. He salsa danced with his wife on live television surrounded by his supporters while tear gas was being fired at crowds of people trying to help Venezuela.

Today, Mike Pence plans to meet with the opposition to Venezuela’s president. His name is Guiadó, Venezuela’s interim president. The Trump administration is trying to achieve a peaceful transition of power in Venezuela. Trump has not ruled out military force as an option with dealing with Maduro.

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