Keeping Motivation Maintains Good Grades


Madeleine Spellmeyer

Turn those negative thoughts to positive!

Madeleine Spellmeyer, Writer

During this time of the school year, staying motivated can be a real struggle. As it is getting closer to summer and everyone is ready for freedom, the grades can start to go down and lack of motivation can be seen. This is the worst time to lose motivation since finals are actually closer than they seem. Getting motivated sounds like such a chore, but it is actually simple!

    The first step to staying motivated us actually going to school. Going to school as much as possible is good for staying motivated because it allows someone to know what work they need to do. Not going to school can result in bad grades which can cause someone to lose motivation.

    Creating new challenges is a great way to get motivated. If someone has a lot of homework they can create a challenge to knock out all of their homework. If that person beats the challenge they can create a reward for themselves or have someone else make a reward for them. Someone could make an agreement to skip out on a chore if they get all of their homework done. Someone could even get themselves food if they complete all of their homework.

    A huge project can be overwhelming and stressful. Let’s say someone has a 25-page project. They can break down the project into doing small chunks of it each night until it is due. This will create a lot less stress on someone doing a big project. Some people like to snack while doing a big project or even just a small homework assignment. Instead of eating oreos or a bag of chips try munching on some carrots or other healthy snacks. Healthy food will be a big motivator for the brain. Along with eating well, getting an extra couple of hours of sleep will greatly improve motivation. When someone is tired they can lose all motivation, so try doing homework earlier in the day so that there is extra time to go to sleep earlier.

    Getting motivation at this time of year is critical for grades. A lot of people lose motivation at this time of year because everyone is tired can be stressed out. Sometimes getting stressed out at school is good because having stress can actually motivate someone to do better in school to get rid of the stress. Following these tips to get motivated can increase grades and lower a lot of stress.