Spring Break On a Shoestring


Sydney Swanson

This is an example of a puzzle found on a Geocaching Route.

Penny Ruiz, Writer

Many students look forward to the few days in the middle of insanity that is second semester that we all know as spring break. The short but highly coveted period of time between third and fourth quarter that we all use to catch up on sleep and get some well deserved vacation time. However an expensive destination vacation isn’t always accessible for families around this time of year. No worries! There are still tons of fun, exciting things for Missouri families to enjoy in the area that won’t break the bank!

Geocaching: Geocaching is an outdoor recreational interactive activity that is great for the great weather of the new season. Participants us a GPS or mobile device to and other navigational techniques to hide and seek small containers and treasures at specific locations marked by coordinates all over the world. St. Louis and even Wentzville have loads of geocached locations that can be found

Forest Park: Forest Park has been open since 1876 and offerers many free attractions and destinations. The St. Louis Zoo, The city museum and the science center are only a few of the affordable and fun attractions. The Zoo is one of the biggest most popular zoos  in america, the spring hours are 9 am to 5 pm everyday. Forest Park also had many museums that are unique to the St. Louis area and offer free admission.

Indoor Rock Climbing: There a few indoor rock climbing venues throughout the St. Louis area but one of the biggest and most budget friendly places is one called Climb So ILL. They specifically accommodate varying levels of experience and ability and it is only 16 dollars for a single day pass that can be purchased online.   

Those are only a few of the budget friendly activities that are available in the general St. Louis area.