America’s Pastime

Gage Smith, Contributor

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115 million People. That is more people than Rwanda, Belgium, Cuba, Bolivia, Haiti,
Greece, Dominican Republic, Czech Republic and Portugal have in population. But that number
is also a symbol of viewership of baseball. The fans that love baseball.
Baseball however, is not just some sport that people like to play in their free time or as a
career, baseball is a part of our history as well. During World War II even the United States
military decided to create hand grenades just like baseball’s as they considered a “young man
to be able to at least throw it”. The creators of “Take me out to the ball game” written by Jack
Norworth and Albert von Tilzer had never even been to a baseball game before.
Baseball is also worldwide and played in 122 countries. While baseball first started in the
United States, it has also spread worldwide since. The other countries that are apart of this are
in the International Baseball Federation. Japan even has the largest pro baseball league outside
the U.S. Not only is baseball an international sport, it’s also a very good revenue creator.
From 2001 and 2017 the MLB has already created 9.46 billion dollars.
Many also believe baseball is one of, if not the, greatest sport there is. “…the feeling of
nailing the ball and playing the sport, I get an adrenaline rush and also get happy.” Clayton Winn
said (21). Baseball is also one of those sports, especially in America, that is always seen or
taught at a young age and is very influential compared with other sports. “Also when I was
young I played with my neighbors” said Winn (21).
Baseball isn’t only America’s pastime, it’s a part of our history and who we are today,
from when it originated to where we are now. It has spread far and wide. To create connections
and bind people to play together to play a sport.