ios vs. os


Gage Smith

Comparing Samsung and iPhone, who do you think will win the vote?

     With the world encrypted in the internet and social media, phones have evolved the next generation. With over 4.68 billion phones in the world, we as humans have progressed in technological advances, but in this day of age, our phones are a part of our lives. Between different cell phone companies and models, our phones are very different
from each other, but nowadays you are judged based on the cellphone you have. While 10% of the school participated in comparing Samsung to Apple, the difference in summary between the iPhone and Samsung telephones is quite
exquisite. With iPhone having the upvote of 65.1%, Samsung only had 34.9%. Even with iPhone pulling the lead between Samsung and Apple, the percentage between the two is quite complicated due to the evidence of the explanation for support of Samsung.
     According to the student data, Samsung often has the most reliable, logical and factual answers when
explaining why Samsung was the better option/phone or even brand. “Samsung is better because of the customization and utility it allows. You are able to do so much more with a Samsung than an iPhone due to the operating system. It gives you more power and control over your device. For example, you can completely install a new operating system if you don’t like android because the phone allows you too. It also has a health system/app which is a little faulty but is still very useful. However, the Samsung phones do not have as good a quality camera like the iPhone. Though you can use this to your advantage to get some cool pictures. Also, (I’m not sure if this is true) about 97% of malware on the internet is directed towards Samsung phones. iPhones aren’t targeted because they use their own internet browser. Samsungs have high customization and utility, while the iPhones provide cleanness, simpleness, and security. However, Samsung still supports the headphone jack which is very minor, but a very
important feature,” said sophomore Timothy Zoll.
     Although on the other hand, iPhone had the simplest of the smallest answers along with the most online school and educational answers compared to the Samsung answers. “It’s better,” freshman Dalton Wood said.
     Samsung being more logistical and accessible was the main factor in deciding between Samsung and Apple and in total, many said that Samsung was better than iPhone due to the very features that both acquire. Samsung “They are cheaper and usually run better and last longer than Apple phones. The widgets are also nice that tell you the weather and temperature of the day. The phone is more ‘unlocked’, allowing the device owner to do more. The phones also still have a headphone jack and don’t remove features for no reason and when they do add features they are actually
meaningful,” freshman Alexander Bennett said.
     On another note, the iPhone explanations only talked about features that were only available on iPhone and didn’t really compare the two device, such as iPhone only having FaceTime and better camera quality. But that could be further discussed and argued over as it was numerous times. “Iphone because
of facetime” said senior Keirsen Franklin.
     Another simple response was “Iphone because it is easier to use, and the camera is way better,” freshman Lauren Gettemeier said.
     Samsung lovers, on the other side of the coin, mostly talked about how there was more accessibility and talked in further detail about the OS or operating system and how Samsung was just more compatible and easier to use.
     In conclusion, with this preliminary investigation, there are unanswered questions. With iPhone being one of the most technological advances in mankind, why are the answers so short and only include two Pros versus the Samsung responses which have paragraphs upon paragraphs with mountains of information and logical facts on why it is truly better than the iPhone and Apple as a brand/company?
     When looking at the summaries rather than the votes and percentages, Apple lovers had some of the most ridiculous answers, even though it was shown to be the top brand. In today’s culture, having an iPhone would
mean that you’re making the popular choice right now. It seems that Samsung is one of the most underrated brands, which had the least amount of people, but the most descriptive explanations for why it was better than iPhone. So, which brand is truly better?