Unique Talents


Sophie Meek

Students at our school have a lot of weird talents, like flipping eyelids.

Usually, whenever people think of talents they probably think of dancing, singing or playing an instrument of some sort. Some people are amazing artists, some people are brilliant writers, some people are skilled voice actors. But there are some individuals who have talents that are not quite as common. There are a bunch of odd things that humans are capable of, like flipping their eyelids inside out, or being able to lift your leg over your head.

You just never know what people are going to be able to do, “I can make balloon animals,” said Grace Bancroft (‘21). Lots of students spoke about how they are extremely flexible.

“My back can bend so much, I can lay on my stomach and put my feet over my head basically making an O,” said Madison Heisler (‘19).

There was a surprising amount of people that said they can wiggle their ears. “I guess I can wiggle my ears? But that’s not very interesting, is it?” said Gina Saso (‘22).

One person could do a multitude of things. “I can cross one eye, roll my stomach, make my lower chin stick out, wiggle my ears, move my nose, raise one eyebrow, etc… haha,” said Savannah Sunneberg (‘21).

Lots of them were quite cynical. “I have a startling tendency to be the most hated person in the room, but suffer no consequences. I could demonstrate, but I fear for my safety,” said James Carrino (‘19).

There were some humorous remarks about school. “Does managing to stress out about every single assignment ever count,” said Nicholas Swaringam (‘21).

A lot of the talents that students had were just plain confusing. “I am a professional faller; I fall without pain,” said Dylan Soberg (‘20).

There were some that made a little more sense. “I don’t know if this qualifies, but I can change the size of my pupils on command,” said Ashley Shannon (‘21).

These are not the most amazing jaw dropping talents because a lot of people can do these things that were mentioned.  We all have talents. Whether they are more conventional, or just plain bizarre, these things make us all stand out from one another. They can also help us bond with one another. You could meet someone else who can do the same weird thing that you can. Though these talents may not be traditionally impressive, they are what makes us human.