The Student Council Election: Who did You Vote for?


Noele Lehnhoff

Travis Wimberley, a freshman, deliberates on his selection for President and Vice President. It was a tough decision. Who did you vote for?

On April 12, Holt held the election for the student council leaders. All of the amazing
candidates- Nolan Briegel and Drew Sutton, Addison Butler and Kaiya Corbett, and Jacob
Rothenberger and Hannah Reeb- were on the edge of their seats as the names were read
aloud over the intercom. Every single candidate had worked very hard to win over as many
students as possible, campaigning with items such as posters, bracelets, and stickers.What did
the students decide in the end, and why did they vote for who they did?
The first candidates were Nolan Briegel running for president and Drew Sutton running
for vice president. Both Nolan and Drew are very involved in almost every activity in the school,
such as Link Crew, DECA, and StuCo. These showed their amazing work ethics and leadership
skills. On top of that, they gave a speech over the intercom explaining what they could bring to
the table as members of the student council.
“I heard their speech on the intercom, and the things they said made me want to vote for
them,” explained freshman Kiele Cochran.
Other students admitted that though the speech did sway them, the real reason they
decided to vote for Nolan and Drew was because of their good character and their ability to
“I know them. They’re in my third hour, and they seem like good leaders,” said junior
Avery Dillinger.
Lastly, the reason a few students finally made up their minds and voted for Nolan and
Drew, was the bracelets that they handed out at school entrances before school.
“They were giving out pretty bracelets,” said sophomore Abby Emery.
The next candidates were Addison Butler for president and Kaiya Corbett for vice
president. Addison and Kaiya were very popular with the students, being kind, thoughtful, and
diligent workers. Their campaigning and planning for what they wanted to do if they were
elected won many of the students over.
“They did the best job campaigning, and out of all of the candidates, they seemed like
they knew what they were doing,” explained junior Morgan Mackenzie.
On the other hand, the focus of some students strayed from their campaigns and leaned
more towards what Addison and Kaiya explained they would work hard to make happen for the
“I picked Addi and Kai because they are going to work on bringing more school spirit to
the students,” said freshman Carynn Neumann.
The final candidates for the student body were Jacob Rothenberger for president and
Hannah Reeb for vice president. They are yet another set of hard-working, passionate students,
let every student know exactly what their plans were as student body leaders, such as
improving the lives of the students of Holt.
“I voted for Hannah and Jacob because they were making sure the less prominent clubs
would be heard,” said sophomore Sophie Meek.
Along with their commitment to showing the students what they could do for Holt, they
also campaigned by putting up posters that caught students eyes.
“Their posters inspired me to vote for them,” explained junior Abby Budnik.
Every single student that was nominated for the student council would have been perfect
for the position: all dedicated, passionate, and committed to the campaign.
However, in the end, there can only be two winners for president and vice president. The winners were: Addison Butler and Kaiya Corbett! Many students were ecstatic at the news, some were disappointed,
but it can be said with certainty that every student is looking forward to seeing what Addison and
Kaiya can do for the school as leaders of the student council.
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