Thoughts on the 2018-19 Yearbook


Noele Lehnhoff

Three freshman, Alysa Hand, Kinslee Keatts and Natalie Sutherlin enjoy looking through the new yearbook.

Yearbooks are a very important momento to most students. It reminds them of the fun and excitement they experienced throughout high school, and it gives them a chance to look back on themselves and their friends. This year’s theme for the yearbook was all about “roots”. What a person’s roots were, how they made them who they are today, why they are important to them, etc.
The students had very strong opinions about whether or not they liked this year’s yearbook design and setup. In fact, only 50% of students said that they were happy with everything that the yearbook had to offer this year. Many students still liked some parts of the yearbook, however, with 39.5% claiming that they only appreciate some parts of the book, and a surprisingly large 10.5% of students saying that they did not really like this year’s issue.
Many people were quite happy with the entire book, commenting on the organized structure and the pretty theme. “I truthfully like it all. I love the glossary (this is the first yearbook I’ve had since middle school and I am a sophomore, almost junior, so I’m unused to that). I love the cover and its analogous color scheme (so pretty). I love the theme too. It’s organized extremely well. My parents both think it’s very well done,” sophomore Emily Teismann explains in detail.
However, there were also a lot of people that disliked some or many things about the book. It is good for people to notice things that need to be corrected or improved on. “There were many errors and spelling mistakes, quotes of people were changed, and softball page was screwed up along with some other sports,” junior Emma Roseberry pointed out.
It is normal for students to have their own opinions and personal preferences on what they think looks best for the yearbook and what layout they prefer. Learning about students’ overall preferences can ensure that the books being produced are something that the students will enjoy.
“The cover was a little basic and it did not really look as if it was a high school yearbook. Next time they should go all out and put the mascot and stuff on the front and make it show more Holt instead of being something created by the group that made it. They can have their own paper inside in the front, but not the cover,” freshman Erin Fike suggests.
Knowing what students like and dislike is very important when it comes to creating something like a yearbook. Not only are they expensive, but they are very hard to put together and produce. They are also very important to the majority of students that wish to look back on and remember certain years of high school. Making sure that the students are happy with the yearbook and its contents is the most important part of it all.
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