A Bright Future for a Student Police Explorer


Sophomore, Chase Volkmer, becomes an Explorer for the Wentzville Police Department.

Chase Volkmer (‘21) is one on the Wentzville Police Departments new Explorer. Volkmer has been apart of the program for a year and has just now earned his uniform, with the uniform he has all police badges but as patches, and his own name tag like officers. The Police Explorer program is meant to teach and interest future police officers, here they learn to write tickets, see what cops do on a day to day basis. Volkmer is in it for a different reason.

“You can join the military and because of this I can start at a higher rank because of the experience gave me,” said Volkmer. Volkmer plans to go on to the military after high school and by that point would have years of experience to get him to a higher rank. Before Officer Reynolds he would not have known about the program let alone be interested.

Explorers also work special events and help with Court Bailiff duties. “You’re not seen as a kid there, you’re one of them,”said Volkmen on how it is to be around all of the officers. Volkmann had to meet any requirements to be eligible, you can not have any grades below a C, and your attendance has to be good.” if you can not meet these standards then they will not let you in, you can participate in the program until you are 25 and then can decide where you will go from there. Our student resource officer has met with some students and has even recommended students to the Explorer Program.

“You are not seen as a kid there, you are one of them,” says Volkmer. That is one of his favorite things about the program and what makes it a good experience. “I get asked how many black people I have shot but it really does not affect me, you do not have to be open about but I am.” When Volkmer opened up about being a part of the program some kids were very disrespectful towards him and did not see the good he was trying to do and what he was trying to learn.

Because of the program many kids can explore their passions and learn what a cop does everyday. The program gives students a chance to help out the community and learn from people they look up to.

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