Future Plans


Sierra Romanowski

Planners are very useful for planning your future and keeping track of everything that may occur.

Often times, students will ponder their future closely. They will talk to other adults and teachers about what they want to do in their lives and will generally try and take steps to make
their dream happen. One thing that many can agree on is that everyone has different ideas of what they plan on doing in the future.
For some, staying here in the United States just does not seem ideal. Some students plan on leaving and starting a new life in a different country. “I plan on living in Germany and
working as an architect,” said Helen Le (‘21). For some, their future path is easily decided upon, but others may struggle to come up with an idea of what they want to do or achieve in their later
Other students claim that the future freaks them out and that they would rather not think too much about it. “I just don’t like to think about the future because it really stresses me out,”
said Lydia Cella (‘21). Sometimes, students fall into this slump and try their hardest to get out it if and get back on track so that their future seems to just fall into place.
In some cases, students do not go for the regular office job and instead search for something much more interesting and engaging. “I wanna work at Disney world cause it sounds fun. My dream job is to be an Imagineer for Disney which is where you design rides for them,” said Alexis Mette (‘21). Stepping outside of the box and searching for different careers is hard
for some, but sometimes it makes such a difference for some people so that they actually enjoy their careers.
Despite some stepping out of the box in search for careers or future plans, many follow the classic path that many people end up taking, “In the future, I plan on going to college, getting
my degree in nursing, starting a family, and travelling.” said Anna Meyer (‘21). It is only common for many people to decide that this path is something that they would be interested in

There are several career paths that people may take and, for some, the medical route seems to be the sure answer. “I want to be a neurosurgeon even though that requires a lot of
schooling,” said Sunitha Brown (‘21). It is not uncommon among people to want to reach out and do what they can to help others in the future.
All of these different career paths prove that no one is truly the same and each person wants to do something different with their lives. Everyone has their own different calling and no
one can be forced to follow any one path. The nice thing about the world is that there are an infinite number of possibilities of careers that people can try and some career is bound to make
people happy in the long run.
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