Stress Is Taking Over

Freshman, Lilllie Bookout experiences the stress of  the end of year finals.

Freshman, Lilllie Bookout experiences the stress of the end of year finals. "School's hard," Bookout said.

With only a few days left of school, stress is starting to kick in with trying to get work

done and getting ready for all the tests. Teachers are starting to give out their last

assignments and test before the final and last test of the year, “My teachers have given

me so much work to prepare for finals but my stress is so bad,” said Maleah Payne (‘20).

While counting down the last days, all this work is making time tick slower.


How do we prepare for these major tests? “I usually start studying a week or two

before our final so I can understand everything, but I try and take it easy before I stress

too much,” said Mia Keegan (‘20). Why do teachers throw out so much work in the last month

of school?


In my research, I found that students are more stressed the last month of

school. Is it even healthy to be this stressed? And how do we fix it? “I think the best way to

fix stress is to stay calm, breathe and do little at a time,” Payne (‘20) said.

Should school lower the amount of work? “ I think school should take it easy on

us and give us less work so we don’t stress that much,” Jack Lewis (‘20) said.

Why do teachers dump so much work on us during the last month of school? “I feel like they give

us so much work so they can prepare us for the EOC and finals that we have to do,”

(Payne ‘20).


Research that I have found shows that overwhelming students with school work will

stress them out more and they end up giving up on their work. “I am so stressed and

frustrated with school right now that all I wanna do is sleep and do nothing,” said Mia Keegan



 School is extremely complicated and can cause a lot of different emotions on

students. “I tend to get mad and upset because I get so stressed out with my work,” said

Keegan (‘20).

Jack Lewis (’20) finishes up his personal finance project to alleviate some of the stress.

Why is school getting more and more complicated? Well during my interviews I

noticed that most students say that they are making it harder to prepare you for college

and the real world. “I think they make it harder for us cause they wanna see us fail,”

said Robert Everingham (‘20).


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