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Earth as everyone knows it is changing at a very alarming rate. Ice caps are melting, species are going extinct, and 14 billion pounds of trash are piled into the ocean by humans each and every year. For all humans, climate change should be a very concerning and alarming topic. It doesn’t just affect the animals; it affects everyday people too.

“It’s important to help the environment now so that we do not regret not helping it in the future,” said David Tauser (‘20).

As a high school student, it may appear that there is not much that you can do to help save the planet. While you cannot save the planet singlehandedly, there are little things you can do that can add up to be a big effort.

  • When transporting places, try to use public transport or even walk/bike ride to your destination. Carpooling with your friends can help the environment as well.
  • Give up plastic straws entirely or just use metal ones. The average person uses around 1 straw a day, so you could save 365 straws a year. That’s a lot of plastic.
  • When getting drinks at food places, use a reusable cup. You can ask for the travel mug option and avoid the plastic/paper cups entirely.
  • Stop wasting food. If possible, donate to food kitchens or keep track of your waste to reduce the amount of food you throw out.
  • Again on the food issue, try to buy food in bulk as much as possible. This keeps down the waste product of food.
  • Save electricity. This one should be a no brainer but making sure you are keeping lights off really does help the environment.
  • When shopping at your favorite store, bring a reusable bag with to cut down on plastic.
  • Try to take as short of showers as possible; keep them below five minutes.
  • Try to volunteer in local trash cleanups or make your own with a couple of friends.
  • Do not use bottled water. Just do not do it, it creates a lot of unneeded waste and many people have reusable water bottles. If you do not, invest in one!

While not everyone will be able to use all of these points, it is simple to include one or two of these into your daily life.

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