Burning Feud between France and Brazil

Amidst the fires, a feud lingers on. When will it end?


Amidst the fires, a feud lingers on. When will it end?

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 The Amazon is burning, we know that. Many nations around the world are making moves to try and put an end to this, yet the country that should be doing the most, Brazil, who has over 60 percent of the forest within their borders, has denied aid from countries attending the G7 summit. There was seemingly no reason to do this, as the twenty-two million offered to Brazil could have proven invaluable in fighting the fires. 

Rather, Brazil denied the money and suggested it be used for reforestation in Europe instead. The reason for this isn’t exactly clear. Bolsonaro, Brazil’s president, accused France and other G7 countries of approaching Brazil with a colonist mindset. Contrary to this, when the fires were starting to make news, Bolansaro said that Brazil didn’t have the resources to fight the fires. 

Bolsonaro has said that he will accept the money only after Macron takes back his insults. After Bolonsaro accused Macron of having a colonial mindset, Macron responded, saying that he doubted Bolonsaro’s trustworthiness and accused him of prioritizing economic growth over the forest. Later, Bolansaro liked a meme on Facebook that compared the two men’s wives and seemed to imply that Macron was jealous of Bolsonaro. He also commented on the post, “Don’t humiliate the guy…ha ha,” 

Many have been outraged at Bolsonaro’s reasoning behind not accepting the money. “Does it really matter who said what and when? The bigger picture is the Amazon Rainforest is on fire,” said @KarenRHooper on Twitter. “Bolsonaro please accept the offers of help,” 

While the lungs of the world burn the president of Brazil is holding up aid over a personal feud. That is unacceptable for the leader of a nation, much less one with so much responsibility.

Sadly the feud isn’t over with just Bolonsaro. Members of his administration have also taken their respective shots at Macron. Renzo Gracie, Brazil’s tourism ambassador, posted a video on social media where he went on a rant against Macron. “The only fire going on is the fire inside Brazilian hearts and our president’s heart, you clown. Come over here you’ll be caught by the neck, that chicken neck. You don’t fool me,” Bolonsaro said.

This fighting and bickering pales in importance when confronted with the fire burning at the Amazon. These issues need to be resolved quickly.