Mrs. Nichols Receives National Award


Photo provided by Jennifer Nichols.

Science teacher, Mrs. Jennifer Nichols receives a national award in Long Beach, California.

Science teacher Jennifer Nichols received a National Award and was named the 2019 Canvas High School Teacher of the Year. She received this award at an InstructureCon Edtech Conference held in Long Beach, California July 9-11.

This award recognizes outstanding educators who use Canvas in an innovative way. Over the summer, Becky Frost Sr. Director Corporate Communication Diversity, Inclusion & Belonging (Canvas), reached out to Nichols to enlightened her about winning a big canvas award within the nation that she had no idea about. Nichols took a trip to Long Beach,California where a ceremony was held with a around 3,000  to 3,500 people watching. 

“I didn’t expect to receive this reward because it was a national thing, But I was very excited about it…It actually opened my eyes to the phrase of “Hardwork pays off”,” Nichols said.

Nichols loves technology and just started using canvas back in 2017 when the district switched over. “I guess I got better at Canvas because I naturally love technology. I feel Like canvas is the best learning management system I’ve used. Canvas is an amazing LMS because I can see everything within times of worked submitted and it’s easier for my students as well and it separates all my classes into folders for me. It’s really just awesome,” Nichols said.

Nichols uses Canvas in her classroom to make the educational experience better for the students and helps them engage with technology.

The Canvas Educator of the Year Awards were judged on the following criteria:

  • How does this teacher redefine traditional classroom activities to prepare students for college and careers?
  • How does this teacher’s classroom experience improve achievement for at-risk populations?
  • How does this teacher impact student engagement, curiosity and/or achievement?

Nichols is not afraid to try new ideas in her classroom. “If you ever have a question, ask, push the envelope and always try no matter what. To be the best, you have to know what’s best for you!” Nichols said.

Nichols did not have to speak out at the ceremony, but she did have to get up and accept the award in front of 3,000 or plus people watching and applauding her. Nichols’ accomplishment of earning this award really made her feel satisfied and empowered about what she does on canvas and she says would gladly help teachers who are having problems with figuring things out within the learning management system of canvas. 

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