Fast Times at Zumwalt South


Dr. Shane Schlueter

Despite the weather, fans came out in ponchos ready to support the team.

Enthusiasm was high on August 30th when the varsity football team squared off against Fort Zumwalt South high. Fans stayed in the pouring rain to cheer on their home team. Morale was high, but the weather was bad as students came ready to support their team, rain or shine.  

The student section was enthusiastic for a great game with fans going as far as painting their chests spelling out the word Holt. Owen Rice and Dylan Pleasant coming up with the idea, along with Connor Keegan, Cody Meyer and Kelby Robinson who showed their enthusiasm for their team. “Everyone came out for full support,” Connor Keegan (‘22) said.       

For a visiting team there was a big difference in the student section size compared to the home team Fort Zumwalt. Their student was weak in comparison. “I felt like we had a bigger student section than they did for an away game,” Owen Rice (‘20) said. An astounding student section with the players being equally astounding. 

The players went through four quarters of wet and rainy conditions. With a sluggish first quarter to start off the game, the players found a way to make things happen. “It started slow, but we took control after the first quarter,” Payton Hoker (‘22) said. 

The players did take notice of the student section with much surprise. The student section was described as exuberant. “They were very lively and loud,” Hoker said.

With delays and bad weather the Indians pulled through with an astounding victory over the Bulldogs. A 60-6 win is a sign that there are big plans for the Indians football team later in the season.  

An astounding student section, with the players being equally astounding, made for a reason to celebrate. This 2-0 start is the best start in 11 years that the Varsity Football team has had.