Wentzville Students May Need To Change Schools


The current School boundary location map

Over that past few years, more and more people have moved into our school district.  Although we welcome all of the new students, it can cause overcrowding very quickly in some schools. For this reason, many students may have to change schools in two years.

This will be a very big deal if it ends up happening, and many students will be a bit distraught by it. Although overcrowding is definitely a problem, some students are either too fond of their school, or too attached to their teachers/friends to just move on to another.

For some students, changing schools can take some getting used to “It took some time getting used to because I didn’t know anyone. Luckily it only took about two weeks to get over and find the right friends.” Cameran Stinson (*21)

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Not everybody has any desire to be moved, but it seems they may have to do so anyway. With the construction of new schools, there will be more places to teach students. That way, Instead of having an amount of students so big that the school cannot properly hold them, we can simply move some of them into a separate school.

Today, Holt High School is very crowded. If you drop a pencil in the hallway as a class ends, you’re probably not going to get it back. With so many people walking in different directions, the halls can get very chaotic. Moving some of these students to a different school would almost certainly make the halls a safer place.

Lots of the people our age are already going through a lot, and that big of a change could end up doing more harm than good for most of them. Everyone has people in their school that they would rather not leave behind, and some people have trouble making new friends.

Moving schools can also be a really stressful procedure for some. Getting to know an entire new school of teachers and peers can obviously be hard, and it probably won’t be easy for anyone.

If and when the new schools are open, they will likely host an event in which new students and their parents can learn about their new school, its layout, and its teachers. This will most likely be very similar to the events that take place several days before the school year begins.

The idea of moving so many students from school to school is a big one, and would likely take a lot of time to get done. Even taking into account how many would disapprove of that plan, it may need to happen for the greater good of the district.

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