BOo to YOu


Emily Teismann, Writer

Trees begin to gain their warm colors. Pumpkins make their appearance on porches along with creepy cool decorations on lawns. Excitement grows in the air as Halloween grows near. 

Every student has plans for Halloween, be it handing out candy to the little ones like Ruth Ann King (‘21) or dressing up in spooky garb like Zachary Baker (‘23).  Having the Friday after Halloween off assists with having plans. Some might go on trips due to the long weekend and others might hibernate until Monday. A lot of people tend to have a bonfire and hand out candy on Halloween whilst taking the chance to catch up with neighbors. But in every Halloween, there’s three things: candy, costumes and fun.

Candy is an essential part of every Halloween. People of all ages love candy. Some candy, however, is favored above others. In a poll, Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups and Kit Kats tied for 1st place, Sour Patch Kids and Hershey’s Chocolate tied for 2nd place, and finally Twix landed in third place. Getting the candy is also another matter. 40 students of 116 trick-or-treat on the day of spooks. For some like Amber Miller (‘22) who normally hands out candy, but if she’s with a younger relative, she’ll take the opportunity to snatch a couple pieces. The remaining 76 don’t. Others will hand out candy to trick-or-treaters. 83 out of 116 do and 33 don’t. 

Costumes are also important. They are after all part of how Halloween came to be. It was believed that on Halloween the fabric of our world and the spirit realm thinned and spirits crossed over and to wreak havoc. People, scared of this, dressed in costumes to blend in with the spirits and avoid getting eaten or possessed. Now, in the 20th century, costumes have become a part of tradition, despite the true meaning being lost along the way. 84 of 116 students dress for the day of spooks and 32 don’t. Out of those who do wear costumes, 29 buy their costumes, 30 modify a store bought costume, and 25 make their costume from scratch. 

But regardless of whether you dress up and go trick or treating, stay home and devour candy, or do something else entirely, Publications wishes you a spooktastic Halloween.

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