The Forgotten Holiday


Sierra Romanski

Fall in Montana has an array of fall colors, which can also happen in Missouri.

Sierra Romanski, Writer

Often times, as soon as Halloween ends, people immediately begin to get into the holiday spirit. This usually starts with stores dragging out their large supply of holiday decorations. However, since most are very excited for the holidays, they tend to overlook Thanksgiving and skip right on forward to the next holiday.

It is not uncommon for people to overlook Thanksgiving and move right on to the next holiday because it is just so much more exciting in some people’s eyes. “Everybody overlooks Thanksgiving because they think that it is all about food. They are all excited for Christmas because of winter break, presents, and all of the winter themed foods and decorations,” Alison Robertson (‘23) said.

A lot of students have chalked up Thanksgiving being a little bit forgotten due to the holiday’s poor placement on the calendar. “To be honest it just has a really bad place, right after Halloween and right before the holiday season. It just has a really bad place in the calendar,” Nathaniel Toulou (‘23) said.

Many students feel that Thanksgiving actually is not looked over in the slightest and that they actually love and celebrate the holiday fully. “I love Thanksgiving because I can eat as much as I want without getting judged,” Lauren Gettemier (‘22) said.

Although the holiday sometimes does get overlooked, almost everyone enjoys Thanksgiving because of the ability to spend time with family, show their thanks for the things in their lives and, most importantly, being allowed to eat a lot of food.

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