From Ice Storm to Meteor Shower

The photo and video belongs to “The Guardian”.

From Ice Storm to Meteor Shower

Aspen Deslongchamps, Design Editor

On Monday night, outside the window, the sky lit up. 

Blue, green and purple sparks fly through the stars in the night sky. Then, shortly after, people all around midwest America heard a loud BOOM, following the split-second light show. This array was captured by doorbell cameras and dash cams alike. Some people thought it was simply lightning, while others thought it was fireworks or maybe an explosion.

People from as far as Ohio and Iowa saw the meteor, or its effects. Scientists estimate that the meteor landed somewhere in Missouri. Residents from up to eight states saw the meteor or its effects. 

Even though the meteor was a giant fireball that blazed into our atmosphere, experts say that the meteor was most likely only the size of a small rock; like the kind you could find in your yard. 

A camera pointed at the St. Louis Gateway Arch captured this mesmerizing light show, just behind the monument. Watch it here:

Many students, such as Mallori Smith (‘23), experienced shaking following the meteor. “My house shook,” Smith stated simply.

Others just saw the flash of light, such as Nathan Sanders (‘23). “I saw the bright flash through my bedroom window, but I thought it was a car driving down the street.” Sanders said.

Whether you saw the meteor itself, its effects, or just heard about it from social media or the news, it was an awesome show for those in the Midwest.

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