End of Semester Stress


Taken by Sophie Meek

Sophie Meek, Writer

Now that November is here, teachers are starting to talk more about finals, and how important they are to your overall grade. Finals are very important, and so is preparing for them, but it can be very stressful, especially with all the other things that students deal with. It can be really hard to keep a healthy mind set, there is so much pressure put on these tests it can feel like the end of the world if you fail one. 

Something that is super stressful about finals is not knowing what to expect, this can be even worse if you are a freshman and have never taken finals before. “I am expecting to be really stressed out and have a lot of stuff to do, and not a lot of time to do it, because I procrastinate, quite frankly, I’m scared,” said Morgan Romanski (‘23).

This can be the same for upperclassmen as well, it doesn’t matter how much you know about the actual testing, it can still freak you out. “I feel like I’m going to do really bad on all my finals because I always end up putting off studying until the last minute because I think I have more time than I actually do,” said Sierra Romanski (‘21). 

A lot of students tend to procrastinate their work, and some even pretend like everything is fine and that finals do not even exist as a way of coping. “The way I deal with stress is procrastinating, and not trying to think about them too much, I basically pretend like they aren’t happening,” said Olivia Rodenbaugh (‘21). 

Testing has always been stressful, and it is not going to get any easier, but maybe by making sure you are properly prepared, and trying to go into it with a positive mind set, you can surprise yourself.