Christmas Differences


Drake Strassner

The Strassner family christmas tree.

Drake Strassner, Writer

The majority of people do not like Christmas for what it actually means. They like it for gifts, but it is actually the giving of Christ or the birth of God that is the true meaning of Christmas. Although the month and date of Jesus’ birth are unknown, the church in the early fourth century fixed the date as December 25.

People do many different things to celebrate Christmas. Some go to church, but some can’t wait to open their gifts. However, most kids do not know the “truth” about Santa. There are funny stories about how some students figured the truth out. Henry Wilson (’22) faced his iPod towards his Christmas tree and put it on video mode and put it on the charger on Christmas Eve. “Then I watched it the next morning and figured out the truth,” Wilson (22).

Others still believe in Santa. “I think Santa is tricking the parents into thinking he is not real, but really he is real,” Mitch Terbrock (’21) said.

“Who else could bring all those presents to all kids in one night? And who eats the cookies then?” Ethan Kuhn (’21) asked.

In the city of Wentzville, most families celebrate Christmas, but there are some people that are not as fortunate as others and dislike Christmas because they might not get as many gifts as you or me. With just a month to go for Christmas, the hearts of the people are filled with excitement and joy. The preparations for the festival are already in full swing. Decorating Christmas trees with ornaments, welcoming guests, baking cakes and cookies, singing carols, and exchanging gifts make Christmas the most awaited holiday of the year.

There are also many places that are available to go to such as Christmas festivals and light shows to go around you. Studies show that 78% of people are happier during a time period that they like in this case it would be Christmas even young students aren’t very stressed after they hear their first Christmas song. Christmas songs start playing on the radio station usually on the 1st of December.

Many Christmas songs lighten people’s day they love to hear the originals like “Jingle Bells” and “Joy To The World” in fact the most purchased Christmas song is “Jingle Bells”. The very first Christmas lyrics we in 1650 later to be published in 1739 and it was The Herald Angels by the 1800s the Christmas songs would be produced rapidly. 

Last year the most played Christmas song was “All I Want For Christmas Is You” According to an ASCAP analysis of streaming and terrestrial radio data. Even though everyone has their own opinion, Some parents think that their kid is stubborn and only like Christmas for the gifts and snow.


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