Meet Business Teacher Mr. Palmer


Chloe Gee

As a teacher in his first year at our school, Mr. Palmer fits right in.

Chloe Gee and Grace Peters

Although it’s only his first year teaching here at Holt, Mr. Palmer is already making a huge impression on his students. So far, his transition to Holt has been an easy one, thanks in part to the amazing family we have here at Holt. The teachers, administrators, and students here have all been extremely welcoming of all the fresh faces at our school this year.Before moving to Holt, Mr. Palmer worked as a teacher for six years at Bayless High School and as an activities director at a camp in upstate New York. It was at this camp that he figured out that he wanted to be a teacher. “ Teaching is fun, it’s unique, and it’s different each day,” Palmer said. Palmer got his undergraduate in business and communications from Mizzou before going to Lindenwood for his masters degree in teaching and then finally getting a masters in administration from Southeast Missouri State. With the help of all of these degrees, Mr. Palmer teaches personal finance, accounting, and computer science. Despite teaching three different subjects, all of different accord, Mr. Palmer said that he can not pick a favorite out of the three. “ I think there’s little parts about each class that I really enjoy and I can’t say that there’s one I like more than the other,” Palmer said. He enjoys how each of his classes can be applied to the real world and help students out in their everyday lives, especially if they have jobs.On top of teaching three different classes here at Holt, Mr. Palmer coaches the boys swim and dive team. It is his first year coaching here at Holt but prior to moving here he coached the swim team at Zumwalt for about five years. It was ultimately our school’s similarity to Fort Zumwalt South, where Mr. Palmer went to high school, that helped sell him on moving to Holt. Holt reminded him of his high school and was much closer to his home than Bayless High School was. When you walk into one of Mr. Palmer’s classes, you will find him at the back of a room full of engaged and excited students. As he teaches he makes sure his students understand the concepts, they are learning, and with each point he makes he asks the students if they have any questions. If they did have any he would explain the topic further in a way that kept the students’ attention. He would even map more complicated things out on the board to help students visualize what was happening better.

Overall, Mr. Palmer is a wonderful teacher who captures his students’ attention and keeps them interested by giving insightful lessons and doing so in a fun and interesting way. He teaches his students important life lessons that will help them in the real world and keeps them engaged on the subjects he discusses. He brings personality to subjects that most students may not be interested in, but in his class, learning is fun.

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