Athletes Juggling Sports and School


Mr. Serna

Talon Green swimming at GAC's. Performing the Backstroke advancing to state.

Hana Scheuermann, Writer

Commonly, teenagers go to school and go home, but that is a norm high school athletes never experience. Athletes work very hard each day during their season just to improve their craft and push their passions to the max. 

With eyes on their sport, what about school? Surely juggling school and sports must be very difficult considering the effort that school requires each day from every teenager. Grades must be somewhat of a struggle sometimes. 

“Since swim season has started for the girls I see how grades can be hard sometimes. But all I can do is try my best and keep my grades up,” Halle Scheuermann (’23) said.

It seems all that any student athlete can do is just do their best each day. 

High school is challenging for many students everyday. Adding a sport to the busy schedule of some who most likely have homework from each class is tough. With all the energy that is exerted from practices, surely many students have trouble after practice having enough energy to do homework. 

“I try my best to separate my homework. Like if I’m not doing anything in a class I will work on homework from a different class.That makes it easier so I don’t have to do it after practice” Sophie Meek (21) said.

Students can find smart ways to organize school and practice like Sophie. Finding loopholes like these can benefit all student athletes. Not only does this include student athletes but any student participating in afterschool activities including hobbies or even work.  

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