Meet Science Teacher Mrs. Nichols


Caden Bray

Mrs. Jennifer Nichols helps her students understand the procedure of the lab they are doing.

Caden Bray and Quinn Kelly

Mrs. Jennifer  Nichols is a science teacher in our very own building She brings energy at the very beginning of school. No matter what she comes into the room with energy and a smile on her face. She always makes first hour a fun time. 

Nichols  makes learning fun. She makes it fun to learn and easy to understand. She always tries to make jokes throughout class even in first hour when everyone is tired and barely talking. She doesn’t give up she is still smiling. 

Nichols always makes sure that you understand. The day before any test she always plays a game,  either trashketball (basically basketball), or she brings foam axes and we get to throw them at the smart board. She makes her students want to pay attention and learn. 

What makes Nichols different from many science teachers is she does not make her students take hours of notes, if a student needs extra help, she is there for them and most days in class , the students do fun labs or other fun activities she has planned that day.

Mrs. Nichols is always there for her students and they can go to her for anything. She is there for whatever they need and they can talk to her about anything and she will listen.

She walks around and makes sure that all of her students know what they are doing or if they need anything. She always has something fun planned. Her students leave her class with a smile on their faces, ready for the rest of the day.

She gives her students wisdom and strength to make it through the rest of the day. In her classes, she is the DJ. She takes song requests and makes the class a party.

She lets her students have fun as they work and she does not cut down on them when they talk as long as they are getting work done.

She has many resources for her students to look over if they do not understand what she is teaching she has notes the students do at home so they do not have to waste school time and tedious notes. Instead, the students work on whatever crazy, fun thing she has planned for them to do.

She brings energy to everyone she talks to and she makes the students’ day always better. She tries her best at what she does and she tries to connect with every student she comes across. 

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