Last Christmas I Gave You Some Songs


Aidan May

An ornately decorated tree decorated by the publications team gives the room spirit.

Aidan May, Writer

      Christmas is once again around the corner that means a load of Christmas music. Christmas tunes have remained relatively popular since the 1930’s. With popular hits like “Frosty the snowman” and “Santa Claus is Coming to Town” it’s hard not to hate these never aging classics. From November 1st to Christmas Day there is a consistent flow of them flooding the radio stations nationwide. Some more than others have a very loud disdain towards this genre. Others are just as cheery as the songs themselves.

      Although they have been popular for over 80 years, they have existed since the 1400’s.  Early carols began popping up in England around 1426. Some old hits like “Silent Night” would appear around 1660. Though they were pretty bleak.With the Rock n’ Roll era of the 1950’s through the 1970’s brought the genre to new mediums. Bringing the cheerful tunes we have come to know today.The classics such as “Rockin Around the Christmas Tree” and “Frosty the Snowman” became more mainstream to a wider audience around the holidays. Along with popular artists such as Prince and Miriah Carey adding their contribution. Within recent years it looks as if there is just a rehash of the same 20 songs. It really matters to some people more than others.

      Many choose to celebrate the holidays with Christmas music with it being an essential part of their Christmas routine. “They are just awesome they make the season happier and bring a lot of joy” Lily Blair (‘23). These types of songs are often seen as an essential component. It is hard to fathom christmas without the proper music to accompany it. Christmas without the proper music is the same as taking away easter eggs it does not happen. The genre is almost synonymous with the holiday itself. They are happy and cheerful with a happy cheerful time.With a continuous flow of song after song, when even if there is the line drawn?

     For some people the jolliest songs on the air can become the headache around that time of the year. From Thanksgiving to Christmas the radio can be flooded with the same songs over and over. Most generally agree that “When you hear it on more than one radio station in the same day” Jacob Nelson (‘22). It proves that most people can be slowly driven insane by the same nonsense for a generally happy month. The cold weather warrants people to stay around a fire and listen to some music.So why do songs make it a big deal. Not that people just all around hate it but get annoyed drive a person to Scrooge up the holiday cheer. It’s the gift that keeps on giving with it constantly re-inventing itself with every passing holiday season. what makes it such a daunting experience is radio stations tend to replay the same 20 songs on a continuous loop. It will not go away and will forever be enshrined with the happiest holiday in the winter time.

      What will happen this year in terms of them is subject to debate. The industry is changing along with the music.It is an unpredictable trend which makes it difficult to pinpoint where it will end up. So the latest trend this year could be a rehash of last year or a culturally impacting one. which makes it difficult since music itself is a very malleable thing.They tend to shift with the trends of that year to make a modern festive experience all around.Countless songs are being poured out around the holidays. No matter the artist or the type of music anything that had to do with christmas meets the qualifications. What gives it an edge over the competition this time of year is that it doesn’t need a specific sound. It adapts and does it with great elegance to suit its set audience.This mainstream holiday machine will continue to pump out the most catchy of melodies. 

 It seems that many are split in their views in this particular subgenre of modern music. It can be a joyous experience or an extremely daunting one. With an elaborate long history it shows little sign of fading away from our popular culture. So be prepared for holly jollies, red nosed reindeer and talking snowmen alike.