Holiday Traditions


Sophie Meek

A popular holiday tradition is decorating the tree with friends or family.

Sophie Meek, Writer

Family traditions are things that people do every year, especially around the holidays, There are many ways people celebrate the holidays, whether it is getting together with family or friends, decorating, or not doing much at all, nearly everyone does something for the holidays.

A popular tradition among families is going out to see the holiday lights. Almost every family does it and it is an easy activity that families can stick to every year.

“My family and I go look at Christmas lights together in our big blue van and decorate the house with colorful lights because it brings us closer as a family,” Hana Scheuermann (‘21) said. 

Other families tie in their heritage with some of their holiday traditions.

“We have a tradition called the christmas pickle, it’s a kinda popular tradition, it’s a pickle ornament and we hide it in the tree somewhere, and whoever finds it first gets an extra present,” Morgan Romanski (‘23) said. 

Traditions do not always have to cost lots of money or require lots of time and energy. Many families get together to bake cookies every year.

“I make cookies with my older sister” Noele Lehnhoff (‘22) said. 

A lot of families have traditions that go with gift giving. Families will either make up fun gift-giving games or just participate in already popular games that end up sticking.

“My family and I do Secret Santa every year,” Isabella Shelton (‘21) said. 

Some traditions are not always something that the entire family does together, but maybe just a fun game that everyone participates in.

“Every year, my family will set up a nativity scene and just for the fun of it, we won’t place baby Jesus in the manger immediately. Instead, we hide him around the house until Christmas and then we finally set him out. We also move the magi around until they’re supposed to arrive. It’s kind of a dumb tradition, but it’s fun,” Sierra Romanski (‘21) said.

Every family has their own traditions, some of them may be more conventional than others, but they are all important. The holidays are about family and friends, it does not matter if someone does not have any special traditions, all that matters is getting to spend time with loved ones.