XMAS Tree Files-Fake V Real


Emily Teismann

The Christmas tree that stands tall in Holt Library for all to see.

Emily Teismann, Writer

When Christmas is said, many things come to mind; mistletoe, winter, presents, winter break, candy canes, Santa Clause, snowpeople, sugar cookies, ornaments, and Christmas trees. To many, having a tree to decorate for Christmas is tradition. But there’s a choice one has to make regarding getting a Christmas tree; should it be artificial or real?

Out of 53 students, 9 use real Christmas trees and 44 use fake ones. Reasoning varies from person to person, each having their opinions for their decision. 

Those who use real Christmas trees describe enjoying the smell they emit. One of these people being Morgan Romanski (‘23). 

For some like Lauren Gettemeier (‘22), its tradition to go to a tree farm with family and pick a tree. For Gettermeir, it all began one year when her fake tree lights started to go out. Others find real trees fun to take care of like Jocelyn Johnson (‘22). Some just love real trees over their artificial counterparts like Bria Jefferson (‘22).

Those who use its artificial cousin appreciate the low maintenance and reusability that comes with having a fake tree. 

“I don’t use a real tree because of the sap that they produce.” Jonathan Tresner (‘23) said. Some people are allergic to real trees like Aspen Deslongchamps (‘22). Some students have cats, who particularly like to climb trees. 

“I learned the hard way that cats and real trees don’t mix too well.” Allyson Harwood said (‘21). 

Others had more traumatic experiences like Alexis Mette (‘21). 

When I was younger, we used to use real Christmas trees. But one Christmas, we woke up to bugs EVERYWHERE in our house and especially around the tree. It was a mess. So now we don’t use real ones anymore.” Mette said (‘21).

Some students don’t use a tree at all, like Tristen Riley (‘21). 

“We celebrate Christmas by going over the scriptures and having a family dinner rather than have a tree, decorations, and gifts.”

But whether you use a real Christmas tree, a fake Christmas tree, or don’t have a  Christmas tree at all, publications hope the holidays are cheerful for you and your family. Happy Holidays, Holt. 


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