Australian Tragedy

Australian Tragedy

Hana Scheuermann, Writer

As of November 2019, Australia has been suffering from nationwide bush fires that are still burning. Approximately 12 million acres of land have already been lost, and more loss is yet to come. These mass fires are not only taking out a huge portions of Australia’s land; they are also causing a widespread, devastating loss of peoples’ livelihoods, Australia’s ecosystems, and many animals’ lives. 

As sad as this is many devoted fire men and women are fighting the good fight to stop the fires. Areas such as New South Wales and Queensland have been majorly damaged by the fires along their coastal regions.With ground breaking high temperatures and a heavy drought the fires engulfed the land. 

Due to the fires wild nature 25 civilians have been killed, along with the land.Produced by fires the smoke has suffocated the land and poisoned it’s people causing heavy coughing and asthma. Along with heavy smoke the area has all become a ghostly red. Almost like a filter this red has consumed the air and sky and shows the real effect of the fires scary spread.

Not only do the people suffer but the animals as well. Ecologists in Australia have estimated about a billion animals have died during the fires. Animals such as the kangaroo and koala, Australia’s most well known animals, have fallen victim to the fires ghastly heat and burns. Along with the damage the fires have destroyed many homes and ecosystems for many Australian creatures. 

Luckily many of Australia’s people have united in a fight to eradicate the fires and save their animals. With many Australian citizens evacuating the areas to keep safe, many still risk their lives to fight the wild bush fires. Ecologists also have stated that some of Australia’s animals may go extinct due to the destroyed ecosystems. Destroying the ecosystems have created an unbalanced and unstable ecosystem which many species cannot live in. 

As sad and this natural disaster is many send their prayers and best wishes to the folks affected and fighting the fires. Donations have been collecting throughout the continents and it really has helped out the folks affected. So if anyone would like to donate there are many organizations taking donations including the Red Cross and GIVIT (An Australian run organization collecting donations). 

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