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Logo of the CES also know as the Consumer Technology Association Conference

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Logo of the CES also know as the Consumer Technology Association Conference

Adian Kline, Writer

Every couple of years we have new advancements in electronics like wireless earbuds, smart houses, VR and drones. But before they get out to the public they all start at the CES or Consumer Technology Association Conference. Every year the new technology of the world is shown to the public and to companies to see if it is the next big thing. This year a lot of new things came to the spotlight at the conference. One of the possibly biggest things there is the 5G.

Most phones have 4G which is the fastest way to do things on your phone. 4G gives us the possibilities of Instagram and helps us download our favorite show on Netflix. But with 5G, it would make phones a lot faster. Many companies are looking into it like Disney, believing that it could make a massive impact on digital entertainment. The New York Times as well say it could “Spark a revolution in digital journalism” 

5G can, as well, handle more devices. With 4G only being able to hold 100,000 in an area, 5G can hand handle a million.  5G will also be good on the environment, supposedly cutting back around 90 percent of energy usage. With all of this, 5G is able to launch into a new world of much more tech and it will hopefully be all around. 

That is not the only tech at the conference though. Another big reveal there was the new car made by Mercedes-Benz and James Cameron, the director of the second grossing movie of all time, Avatar. It is called the Vision AVTR. The car is designed as if the people from Avatar would want it. The car is also made out of all organic materials in the interior. In the interior as well, there is no handle wheel at all. Instead it moves with a kind of joystick control in the middle that can even make the car move sideways.

Not everything there was a show stopper, but they are all still somewhat cool or important. Virtual reality is now becoming more like reality with VR gloves which lets people feel the things they touch in VR, as in real life. Though it’s not really ready for consumers because the average price is $5,000 

There is also some new toilet tech too. Charmin has got into the tech business with a bot that gives you toilet paper when you run out.  They also have a smell sensor that measures the chemical that is in the bathroom to tell you if it’s okay to go into the bathroom. 

Sports are also getting some tech gadgets coming their way with an auto caddy and a table tennis robot. Esports are getting big advancements with making bigger and better ways to experience the sport. 

There is anything and everything coming to use with medical technology to cryocentence to AI. There is a lot of tech at CES so, of course, it is impossible to get to every small thing.If you would like to learn more about some of the smaller tech reveals and other thing about CES you can look at the website https://www.ces.tech/. With all this promising innovating tech being revealed, hopefully we will see them in the near future, in stores and in our houses.

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