Yearbook Spirit Week


Cale Barnes, Editor-In-Chief

Yearbook Spirit Week!

Memory Monday – Dress like an old person. Make your memories last – buy a yearbook!

Tie-Dye Tuesday – Wear tie-dye. Don’t get tied up with your life and miss the yearbook deadline!

Bold & Gold Wednesday – Wear blue and gold. The yearbook theme this year is “BE BOLD” – Don’t miss out!

Class Color Thursday – Wear your class colors. Every grade has a role in the year and every grade is in the yearbook, so buy yours today! Freshmen – Blue, Sophomores – Red, Juniors – Purple, Seniors – Pink

You Snooze, You Lose Friday – Wear comfy pajamas. Dress cozy, but no slippers and don’t slip up and miss the deadline – it’s today!

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