Topping It Off


Aspen Deslongchamps, Design Editor

Topping It Off

Many schools in the past have allowed it’s students to decorate their graduation caps. However, as schools grow and American teenage culture changes, the previous allowance has become an issue.

Holt High School is just one among many high schools that don’t allow their seniors to decorate their graduation caps. Some see this as a way to express themselves through art, while others claim that there are many problems with allowing students to do that.

Of a survey of 44 students and teachers of Holt, 93.2% said that students should be able to decorate their graduation caps. 

Of those, previous teacher Kelly Manning has stated her opinion.

“Yes, students should be able to decorate the caps. However, there should be rules.” Manning said.

This is the exact opinion most people (who were surveyed) had. As long as the caps were appropriate, and praised school pride, why not?

Although the majority agrees with the decoration of graduation caps, there are still many who believe that the cons outweigh the pros. 

“No one has been able to decorate their hats, so why change that now?” Carson Meier (‘22) stated.

Which brings up another con. If students do make the caps inappropriate, what would happen? This is the main concern of many students and teachers.

All in all, should students be able to decorate their graduation caps?

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