Which Superpower: Invisibility or Flying?



If given the choice of two superpowers, would you rather be invisible or be able to fly?

So many kids grew up watching superheroes do so many different things.

“I  would love to do both superpowers because while I was growing up I watched a whole bunch of superheroes with different powers,” Rian Brady (’23) said.

Watching superheroes makes people really want to one day be able to have superpowers and the abilities that they can have, such as being themselves and only have to worry about saving people and staying true to who they are.
̈I’d rather fly because I can travel time,” Robert Smith (’22) said.
Some people chose to fly because they think that it would be an amazing experience to be able to travel in a time whenever they would like too.
The people who voted to fly rather than be invisible also said that it will be so cool to be able and see what’s is going on around them without anyone else knowing who they are or what they are doing and just making sure that they are in their own world.
After speaking to around 150 people, over half of the people chose that they would rather be invisible than have the ability to fly.
Students believe that if they can be invisible, they will not have to sit there and take anything from anyone because they can just be themselves while no one is watching.
Students say that being invisible is one of the best feelings and powers that you can have in your life.
“I wanna be invisible because I can do things without people knowing what I’m doing,” Tavion Blanks (’23).
This just shows the amount that people truly do care what other people are doing in their own life when it just should be them caring about what they are doing with their life.
Many people also believe that by being invisible no one can make fun of them because no one will be able to see what they are doing. Some even said that people would not have the ability to sit there and judge them. Being invisible is something that so many people want to be able to do just for one day so they can get away and not have to be with anyone. This way they don’t feel like they are constantly doing something wrong.
All in all, the winning superpower was invisibility because people could finally be happy with who they are if they are without having to worry about anyone else opinions.