Instagram VS. Snapchat


Sophie Meek

There are many different types of social media out there. What is your favorite platform?

Sophie Meek, Writer

Almost everyone uses Snapchat and Instagram. They are probably the most widely used social media apps around the world, especially because they cater to a younger audience, unlike Facebook or other apps. Many students here at Holt use both apps frequently, but which of the two apps do they prefer more?

A lot of people prefer Instagram to Snapchat. They feel like Snapchat’s concept is pointless because all you really do is message people, which the message app already takes care of. 

“I don’t like Snapchat at all because it’s gotten so pointless, and people only use it to send streaks, or post long stories that no one wants to click through,” Sierra Romanski (‘21) said. 

Another reason people prefer Instagram is the more traditional layout. It feels more like an actual social media platform, unlike Snapchat’s unoriginal setup. 

“I just find it easier to find and watch memes, and actually having posts instead of just stories is better in my opinion,” Matthew Evans (‘22) said. 

On the opposite end of things, many people think that Snapchat’s layout and posting style is innovative and original because of how interesting it is. 

“I like Snapchat because it’s organized and very easy to use, plus you can change people’s names and what your streak symbol looks like,” Hana Schuermann (‘21) said.

Many people prefer how personal Snapchat is compared to Instagram. Anyone can slide up on the Snap Map and see where their friend is, or if they are traveling or not. Snapchat also gives people the ability to receive pictures from their loved ones of what they are doing or who they are with, which makes it a more interactive experience than that of the message app or even Instagram. 

“I like snapchat because there are so many different features, and fun filters that you can use,” Layla Carbajal (‘21) said.

There have been many debates about how Instagram is going out of style because of Snapchat, but even though Snapchat is more recent than Instagram, there are still many people who like both platforms. There will always be fans of both social medias, whether they are popular or not, but in the end it all comes down to everyone’s own personal preferences.