Pets at Holt


Jarah Hoffmann, Writer

An animal can be what determines the way you look at life. They can change your mood and brighten your day.
According to The World Atlas, the most popular pet owned in the United States is freshwater fish. It is preferred to own a fish because of their simple maintenance, and the stress relieving effect of watching them swim.
But at our school, many of the students would rather own animals such as dogs, cats and some even say snakes! The majority of students would want to own a dog because of their loyalty and companionship.
Nicholas Swaringam (’21) thinks a Corgi would be an ideal companion.
“I would own a Welsh Corgi. They’re absolutely precious and are generally friendly, though some do get angry. They were bred as herding dogs, and can actually move more than you would expect for an animal with tiny legs,” Swaringham said.
Cale Barnes thinks it would be hard to raise a new pet at the same time as attending high school. But he admits that it would be cool to have a furry friend.
“A husky or some similar dog because while there are other pets I want, I don’t want to raise them at the same time as I”m going through school. A dog is a companion that I can have by my side and cheer me up,” Cale Barnes (‘21) said.
Dogs are found to be the third most popular animal to own in the United States according to the World Atlas. It is claimed that dogs are very important to people living in the U.S. and are treated as a member of a family.
Coming in second place for most popular animal owned are cats. Many families own more cats than dogs because of their comparison in size.
For example, three cats are able to roam and still have room in one household compared to three dogs living in one house.
But the type of cats that students want to own aren’t particularly house cats. Instead of small cats, many students would prefer big cats instead. Rachel Baker wants to own a lion for protection and comfort.
“I want a lion, because lions are cool and if I had a pet lion, no one would want to mess with me. Also I would make a cute Instagram account for him,” Rachel Baker (‘21) said.
Although reptiles are found to be the 6th most popular pet to own in America, Bria Jefferson thinks a snake would be the perfect pet.
“I would own some sort of snake because 1) people wouldn’t bother me around the house and 2) it would just be cool in general” Bria Jefferson (‘22) said.
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