First Responders Night Fun


Sydney Swanson

The first responders are honored at the basketball game on February 21.

The crowd erupted with loud cheers when the boys and girls varsity basketball games were being held in the gym. They watched as the team members worked together to score for each game. The teams put in all of their hard work in while playing to amaze the crowd. It was very entertaining to watch all the members participate. But, cheering on friends and watching them play was not the reason why most of the people came to watch.

The First Responders Night was held Feb. 21 in the gym where everybody came to listen to the first responders speak and talk about the stories about their jobs. Many of the students were amazed of what they go through on a daily basis and really listened in to their stories as they worked over the years. The event was held during the halftime show for the basketball games that occurred. All of the first responders also had the to get served dinner by Student Council and were all honored.

Many of the students remembered that night and recalled all the events that occurred during the basketball games.

“We had a good game and it was cool to see all of the first responders there,” Sydney Reddin (‘22) said.

This night was meant to honor all first responders .

“It felt pretty awesome to give back to the first responders who do so much for our community,” Connor Dalton (‘21) said.

The coaches of the boys and girls basketball teams watched as their teams competed. They were very excited and nervous to see what they would accomplish and put in all of their effort to win.

“I hoped that they would be in inspired, my team do selfless acts all the time. But, they put their life on the line to help others,” Coach Arnold said.

Unfortunately, the team did not win. But, they still put in all of their effort and worked together to help each other out. 

“We lost, but the lesson of the game was to be a good teammate and to give your best effort,” Coach Arnold said.