Reactions to the News of School Closing

Sierra Romanski, Writer

Everyone has now heard the news about school closing due to the recent acceleration in COVID-19 cases. For most, shock was a fairly common emotion. Not many were actually expecting school to close, although schools all around the country have already begun to close.

“I was shocked and honestly upset. Not that I want to go to school, but I worry every day about my numerous AP exams as well as other standardized testing I am taking later this year,” Nicholas Swaringam (‘21) said.

For some, their emotions were mixed due to many different factors. “I was shocked and surprised. I didn’t think the school would actually close due to the virus,” Danielle Roach (‘21) said.

A lot of students have actually stated that they are going to miss actually attending school in person everyday for a variety of reasons.

“That’s when I can see my friends. I also am going to miss going to school in person everyday because I’m in a band and that’s a group class,” Kylie Ehrhard (‘21) said.

Some students are not going to miss school, which is not all that shocking really since many students were begging for school to be cancelled before all of this accelerated.

“I kind of will miss school, but not really because I can do all my work online, but I like having the teacher’s help if I need it,” Cameron Tackaberry (‘21) said.

School was cancelled for a reason and it is not supposed to be another spring break. Thankfully, all of this is going to eventually blow over, but until then, it is best to stay inside, stay safe, and to wash your hands to prevent the spread of any illness.