The Political Feature: Trump’s Action & Reaction to COVID-19


Photo from Trump's Press Conference regarding COVID-19.

Anabelle Morris, Writer

Schools have been closed nationwide in an attempt to stop the spread of COVID-19, better known as the Coronavirus. Trump is calling the virus an “invisible enemy” that he is a war-time president fighting. Starting today, all dining rooms at restaurants are either closed or required to seat customers at least six feet apart.

Trump put forth the Defense Production Act, which is designed to give him authority over industry workers/work to help reach national goals. This act allows hospital workers to cross between state lines to treat patients where the need is the highest. He also has amped up the making of health masks, gowns, and gloves for hospitals as they have encountered a major shortage.

However, many people do not agree with Trump’s actions in terms of the virus. A common opinion is that he’s doing too little too late. This opinion is based on the timing when Trump decided to act on the epidemic. Meaning, if Trump would have set the standards he has in place now earlier, the death and infected rate would be much lower than it is now. Opposers to this opinion say that Trump acted as fast as he constitutionally could and added more restrictions as the virus grew and developed.

As citizens, we only have limited knowledge of this growing virus. It has been difficult to find out what really is this virus, as the media has released numerous articles, many contradicting what the others say. Whether you agree with Trump’s action or disagree, Trump has as limited knowledge as we have on this growing epidemic. Some say he moved as fast as he possibly could, others say he did not move fast enough. Either way, we are all in this epidemic together and need to do our part to help end the spread of the virus.

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