Friends or The Office

Everyone knows the Iconic show Friends, and it is nearly impossible to go anywhere on the internet without seeing an Office meme. But which one do people prefer? One might say that this generation is more prone to like The Office because of its prevalence in pop culture, but many people say that Friends is almost more prevalent in pop culture than The Office

Many students seem to prefer The Office over the show Friends, which is not surprising since the humor is a little more singular to their generation.

“The office has a lot more witty jokes, and more relatable comedy,” Hana Scheuermann  (‘21) said. 

However, there are still some people who prefer Friends, mostly because the reruns have been playing for so long, and some students enjoy watching it with their families.

“My family and I have been watching a lot of the reruns of Friends for the last few months and I love it,” Emily Teismann (‘21) said.

For many people, the laugh track in Friends is what is putting them off about the show. It makes it feel like the jokes are forced to them.

“I don’t like the laugh track. It’s like they are trying to make everything they say funny when it’s not,” Sierra Romanski said. 

It seems like the main reason why people like Friends is because of the nostalgia and the charters, and the main reason people like The Office is because of the humor.

Friends has a nostalgia factor that The Office does not have, “ Ashton  Everingham (‘22) said.

The Office is so funny, and it is just one of those shows you can watch over and over again,” Skylar Sutton (‘21) said. 

This debate could last forever, but there is simply no denying that both of these shows have made an impact on pop culture.