Let the Milk of Human Kindness Flow


Ellie K

As these days are rough, we continue to help each other out.

Ellie Kleffner, Copy Editor

Since we are all stuck at our homes due to the Coronavirus, there is not much to do at that time. Everybody has been told to stay inside and stay safe in prevention of the pandemic. But, there is one thing we can never forget about in our society, and that is act of kindness. It has been hard doing small acts of kindness during this time since we cannot leave our homes and be around other people. As a community, we can still find ways to do kind things for others.

From making masks to delivering toilet paper to neighbors, people have not been stopping ever since! As the days go on and the virus keeps spreading, many of us will not give up. During this rough time as a society, it has been hard to stock up on certain supplies, like toilet paper and hand sanitizer. As the supplies are running low in stores, people will buy the last item on the shelf for someone that is in desperate need of it.

Many of the students of our school have found out how to be kind during this rough time.

“I have cooked dinner for my grandma everyday because she works in the medical field and she does not get home until later now,” Jaden Walls (‘22) said.

It is not just being kind other family members, but students have also been kind for friends too.

“We made some friends cards and sent candy, and we also painted jars to put fairy lights in,” Alexis Mette (‘21) said.

The kindness just keeps spreading and spreading each day. People take pleasure in helping others out during this time and will do anything to keep others happy and healthy. When we do these acts of kindness, we learn that it is one of the most important things to keep in mind as we go on in life.

As the Coronavirus keeps spreading, so does our act of kindness that will never end. As we continue to do good wills to others, we learn that it brings us closer together as a society and even gives us a boost to our well-being. No one is going through this scary time alone, we all are going through it too. If we come together as one in our community and continue and help each other out, we might find a solution eventually. Just remember, we are all in this together.