Jacksepticeye reaching his goal of 650,000 dollars after eleven hour of streaming.
Jacksepticeye reaching his goal of 650,000 dollars after eleven hour of streaming.

Hope from Home

Help support this amazing charity. Go to https://tiltify.com/united-way/hopefromhome for more information.

April 15, 2020

     Throughout these months, many things have changed with our day to day life because of the coronavirus. In many places, people are struggling with this sudden change.

     On April 7th, many YouTubers, streamers, and other people on the internet decide to help raise money through the charity Hope from Home.  Hope from Home is actually three main charities joined together to help fight COVID-19 and the people affected by it. Each charity is helping out with different things, like the Solidarity Response Fund, which gives money to the World Health Organization to work on and hopefully find a vaccine for COVID-19. Then there is United Way: they help out neighborhoods in need. They give people food, water, shelter and anything else to help them out. Lastly, there is the Red Nose Day charity, they help out with people in poverty during this time by giving them food, medicine, shelter, and education for kids. As of now, they have raised 1.7 million dollars to help out everyone. But this would not have happened without all the YouTubers’ help. 

     Around a week before it started, the YouTuber, Jacksepticeye, put up a YouTube video announcing to anyone with an internet presence on April 7th, to do a stream, video or anything to help spread awareness of COVID-19. Many people took up his offers; like Markipler, Smosh, Mini Ladd, Jaden Animations, and many more people. Many of these creators went on for hours on end throughout the day to help raise money in any way. For example, Crankgameplays shaved his head and wrote the top doners on his arm, Markipler let famous people donate (with the smallest donation being 500 dollars), and Jacksepticeye got Kevin Smith to come on the stream and chat. 

     If you can, there is still a place to donate money to the Hope from Home charity until May 1st. So if you can spare a few dollars to donate, it would be kind to do so. It has definitely been a crazy and scary time to live in this world, but with things like the Hope from Home charity, it gives all of us hope to get back to the normal. Again, if you have the money to donate and help out this amazing charity, support them by tweeting it out or just telling some friends. By spreading the word, this charity will help many people in need at this time and finally beating COVID-19.

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