Safe Activities That Can Cure Boredom During This Time


Chloe Gee

There’s plenty of things to do outside of the bedroom without putting yourself in danger.

Chloe Gee, Writer

It’s no secret that the government is requiring people to stay inside to stop the spread of the COVID-19 virus. It’s also no secret that online schooling is a pastime, though one that usually is only 30 minutes to an hour long. So, when there’s no inviting friends over or going out to eat, what are some safe, fun ways to cure boredom during this time?


Stores are still open, and don’t show any signs of closing anytime soon, so you could pick up ingredients for an apple pie or dark chocolate brownies! Whether it be with family or alone, baking is a very fun, safe, and calming pastime that only involves some going outside and can be very mentally beneficial.


This may be one of the less popular options when you can’t go out anywhere. Though there are online classes, there’s no way to take P.E. or keep up with physical activities through school while quarantined. What is still very true though, is that exercise is a very physically and mentally recharging and refreshing activity to do alone or with family. Whether it be going out for a run around the block or playing frisbee in the backyard, any kind of exercise is a quick solution to boredom.

Go Outside

The term “stuck inside” is often used to describe this time, but as of now, you can still go outside for a walk, or go outside and spend time with your family. It’s more crucial now more than ever to stay connected with nature. Appreciate the small things like dandelions, because even though spring activities may be suspended due to social distancing, the flowers are still blooming and the weather is still beautiful.

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