Holt Seniors Receive MLK Scholarship


Jahmal Rice ’20, one of the MLK Scholarship recipients.

     The annual Martin Luther King Jr. unity event took place at Holt High school once again on Martin Luther King Jr. day. A day to celebrate the life of Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. As part of the celebration, the Wentzville School district holds a scholarship competition and awards a minimum $500 scholarship to high school seniors who keep Dr. King’s legacy alive through their actions. This year’s scholarship winners are Holt senior Jahmel Rice and early 2020 graduate Aidan MaCarthy.

     “We had several students from across the district submit entries for our annual Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. scholarship,” Holt Assistant Principal and one of the event’s organizers, Dr. Amanda Shelmire, said. “This year, we were able to award two deserving seniors $500 scholarships based on their resume and explanation of how their school and community leadership activities have supported or promoted the ideas of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr, here in Wentzville.”

    Jahmal Rice was also named the winner of Celia Luckett-Crumes scholarship sponsored by North Star Insurance Advisors. Luckett-Crumes was the mother of Barbra Love, the community member responsible for starting the MLK walk event and the unity ceremony at WSD 15 years ago. Rice has been heavily participating in CUSA (Culturally United Student Association), the student-run organization that seeks to educate the school community about minority culture. Events that Rice has organized or helped organized, such as the well attended Soul Food night at Holt, have sought to spread awareness and helped to form bonds between students of all cultures.

    Aidan MaCarthy, an early Holt graduate this year was named the winner of the scholarship sponsored by the Wentzville School District foundation. MaCarthy, who completed the Missouri A+ mentoring/tutoring program, has dedicated 150 hours to servicing the community in different areas, including the Salvation Army, various area churches and the Wentzville School District.