Why It Is Still Great To Be An Indian


Kaia Fischer

Do you love your Indians, deep down in your heart?

Kaia Fischer, Writer

With school cancelled for the rest of the year, it is easy to decide that this year… is not the best. But 2020 still has one major highlight: the fact that we still get to be Indians.

This school year is so much more than its early end, and we should not forget all that’s happened.

Yes, it is true, we did start out the year with quite the…. debacle. With the power outage that took place on the first day of school, Holt students quickly were able to adapt to the many curveballs this year would throw at them.

Holt Indian Football went to the playoffs this year.

Holt Boys Soccer won the district championship for the second year in a row.

Our girl’s wrestling team won the Wonder Woman title, and Esther Han won the state championships for the second year in a row.

While it seems like the year for power outages, we can not forget when the power went out during 5th hour one day during the spring semester, giving students a throwback to August.

So why is it still great to be an Indian?

Because no one else can chant our chant. Because no one else has walked our halls. Because no one else can tell us anything we do not know. To be a Holt Indian is to be a part of the best tribe on earth, and in truth, every single member of our school is the pride of our tribe. And no school canceling virus can stop an Indian from answering the call:

Do You Love Your Indians, Deep Down in Your Hearts?